Graduate Education in Transportation


For graduate students interested in studying transportation, Iowa State University offers the following graduate programs:

Admission requirements

Apply to Iowa State University

To apply to any of the graduate programs above, see ISU's Graduate College application web page where you may apply online, download a form, or request that a form be sent to you.

Funding graduate study

InTrans also sponsors the Transportation Scholars program (see below). For information about other financial aid opportunities, see Iowa State University's Office of Student Financial Aid web site.

Transportation Scholars program

As a Transportation Scholar, you will be eligible to participate in events sponsored by the Transportation Scholars program such as conferences, seminars, and travel to regional and national conferences. The Transportation Scholars program is recognized by employers as providing valuable training for future transportation professionals, and being designated as a Transportation Scholar will enhance your employment opportunities. It requires students to work on research projects, take a semester seminar course, and participate in InTrans-sponsored student activities. Read more about the requirements for participation.

Transportation-related courses

See the Iowa State University course catalog for some of the transportation-related courses offered at university. Several InTrans staff members are also faculty in Iowa State University's Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and Department of Community and Regional Planning.

Transportation Student Association

Transportation students might be interested in the Transportation Student Association, created to promote the advancement of transportation through association with academia, industry, and fellow students. The organization introduces students to transportation topics through TSA sponsored mediums, nurtures the development of professional spirit, and encourages fellowship among association members.

Students who work at InTrans

Students work at InTrans as undergraduate and graduate research assistants for a wide variety of projects.

Selected student resources

Conducting research

Presenting your work

Working with others

Preparing your thesis

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