I-80 in eastern Iowa, 2008. Photo: © Keven Arrowsmith, Iowa DOT
I-80 in eastern Iowa, 2008. Photo: © Keven Arrowsmith, Iowa DOT
from InTrans research takes novel approach to integrating climate into transportation planning

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Bridge monitoring is immediate, autonomous and easily accessible

November 09, 2016

If a highway bridge fails, the results can be catastrophic.

Fortunately, bridge failure in the United States is the excep­tion—with, on average, about 50 bridges each year failing. And to ensure bridge performance as much as ...

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Sensors were used on the U.S. Highway 65 bridge in Iowa Falls.

Optimizing the support system under concrete pavements

November 01, 2016

High-quality foundation layers (the natural subgrade, the subbase, and embankment) are essential for optimizing pavement performance. No matter how well a pavement is designed, lack of uniform support conditions can contribute to premature pavement ...

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Diagram of in situ testing of pavement foundation layer conditions.

$1 million NSF award to help researchers reduce the impacts of traffic incidents

October 10, 2016

A team led by an Iowa State University Institute for Transportation (inTrans) researcher has been granted a $1 million, three-year National Science Foundation award to develop an improved system to reduce the duration and impacts of  traffic ...

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Anuj Sharma, right with Neal Hawkins

ISU pavement center, West Des Moines testing a modified concrete mixture

September 12, 2016

A new industrial development in West Des Moines, Iowa, is providing a unique opportunity to test a modified concrete mixture on several pavement sections. The city is especially interested in monitoring the performance of the pavements’ joints.

The ...

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Workers paved a West Des Moines street last year with a modified concrete mixture.

Hawkins in 'PI Spotlight' by Illinois Center for Transportation

August 01, 2016
InTrans associate director and Center for Transportation Research and Education director Neal Hawkins has been highlighted in the "PI Spotlight" by the Illinois Center for Transportation.   See the story: http://ict.illinois.edu/2016/07/01/pi-spotlight-neal-hawkins/
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InTrans pavement markings research featured in Roads & Bridges magazine

June 21, 2016

Research on pavement markings by the Institute for Transportation's Neal Hawkins, Omar Smadi, and Skylar Knickerbocker was featured in Roads & Bridges magazine.

The team of researchers recently partnered with the Minnesota ...

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ISU transportation data service helping State Patrol determine highway ‘deer hotspots’

June 08, 2016

It’s not news when cars hit deer, but the Iowa Department of Public Safety, which includes the State Patrol, has taken notice of the collective damage to its vehicles from striking whitetails and other animals.

That’s why ...

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White-tailed deer crossing

InTrans research takes novel approach to integrating climate into transportation planning

May 10, 2016

Iowa State University climate researchers have led the development of a new method that could help transportation departments to better plan for excessive flooding, the type of which has closed and damaged some of Iowa’s and the Midwest’s ...

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I-80 in eastern Iowa, 2008. Photo: © Keven Arrowsmith, Iowa DOT

Savolainen studying effectiveness, efficiency of Iowa’s Interstate median cable barriers

May 06, 2016

Studies show Interstate highway median cable barriers save lives. The braided metal cables effectively keep vehicles from crossing medians into oncoming traffic and out of harm’s way of head-on collisions.

Now the state’s ...

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Peter Savolainen

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