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MTC’s outreach activities include dissemination of MTC research through our website and e-newsletter, sponsorship of conferences and workshops, dissemination of research reports and technical briefs, and subject area experts working directly with communities locally and internationally.

The MTC also works closely with Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) staff to identify partnering opportunities for translating safety-focused research findings into practice for Iowa’s local communities.

Other select outreach activities are listed below.

Research Implementation Initiative

The MTC has initiated an ambitious new program to help accelerate the implementation of promising research results. The new Transportation Research Implementation Initiative is using a three-pronged approach to provide timely information and training about implementation-ready research:

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Project Advisory Committees

Every MTC-sponsored research project must have an advisory committee. Practitioners who participate in these committees learn about the project and the MTC and often become champions in implementing project results.

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Legislative Brief

In July 2015 a brief was distributed to legislators quantifying the MTC’s impacts and its success in leveraging, through match funding, $5 million allocated to date into more than $11.5 million to make a real difference in Iowa and beyond.

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Conferences and Webinars

MTC hosts and/or sponsors a variety of conferences, workshops, and other training events.

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Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium: August 16–17, 2017, Ames, Iowa

Save the dates and/or submit an abstract for the 2017 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium in Ames, Iowa.

The symposium provides an opportunity for transportation professionals from the Midwest and beyond to learn about advancements and applications in their fields and future directions for research. As suggested by this year's theme—New Ideas, Better Lives—a major focus of the event will be on research implementation and practice-ready results.

The MTC partners with the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Midwest Regional UTC to host the event in alternate years.

Tom Maze Transportation Seminar

During the spring semester, weekly seminars for students are saved as recorded Adobe Connect presentations. Many of these presentations are of interest to a broad audience.

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2016 Innovations in Transportation Conference: Are You Ready for the Future? August 16, 2016, Ames, Iowa

This event, which the MTC co-hosted/co-sponsored with the Iowa DOT and the Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University, was held in August 2016. Presentations are available on the event website.

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Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium: August 19–20, 2015, Ames, Iowa

As part of InTrans, the MTC partners with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Midwest Regional UTC to host the Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium in alternate years. The symposium provides a Midwestern venue for presenting research in a Transportation Research Board–like format. InTrans hosts the symposium in Ames, Iowa, in odd-numbered years.

With its implementation-focused theme—Today’s innovation, tomorrow’s best practice—the 2015 event emphasized moving research into practice. In selecting papers to be presented, the planning committee used implementation readiness as one of the evaluation criteria. In addition, in five concurrent sessions “implementation champions” led discussions on deployment issues related to one of the presentations. Abstracts and presentations are available in the compendium.

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Workforce Development Workshop

During the August 2015 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium in Ames, Iowa, the MTC hosted a workshop highlighting the work of the Midwest Transportation Workforce Center. Thirty-four people participated, including Iowa Congressman Josh Byrnes and community college representatives.

MTC partner University of Missouri–St. Louis presented “Women in Transportation Field Jobs—The Hidden Asset,” and the University of Wisconsin–Madison presented “Call All Transportation Stakeholders: We Have a Network to Build.”

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Midwest Transportation Workforce Summit: December 7–8, 2015, Madison, Wisconsin

As a member of the University of Wisconsin–Madison led Midwest Transportation Workforce Center, the MTC helped plan the December 7–8, 2015, Midwest Transportation Workforce Summit in Madison and gave presentations on MTC K–12 activities like Go! magazine, Teaching in the Fast Lane, etc.

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Roadside Safety Basics for Local Agencies: September 24, 2015, St. Joseph, Missouri

This half-day course, co-sponsored by the MTC and the National Center for Rural Road Safety, provided a basic overview of roadside safety for state and local engineers involved with safe roadside issues. The roadside safety problem in the United States was defined, and countermeasures to keep vehicles on the road were discussed. Fifteen participants from Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska attended. Support from MTC allowed attendees to participate at no charge.

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66th Annual Missouri Traffic and Safety Conference: May 12–14, 2015, Columbia, Missouri

The conference and seminars were managed by Charlie Nemmers of MTC’s partner institution University of Missouri–Columbia in partnership, together with the Missouri DOT and the Governor’s Safety Office. In addition to MTC/ UMC partners in attendance, there was an MTC-affiliated presentation by Harris-Stowe State University.

The MTC’s Transportation Scholars at UMC assisted with preparations for the event. The MTC also sponsored the attendance of 10 Transportation Scholars, six of whom participated in the poster competition. Graduate student Roozbeh Rahmani and undergraduate research assistant Paige Martz earned first place, and graduate students Amir Khezerzadeh and Tim Cope took second.

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Conference on Robotic and Autonomous Construction of Infrastruture: June 2–3, 2015, Ames, Iowa

This first-of-its-kind event attracted international industry, government, and academic stakeholders. Attendees represented 14 states, England, Switzerland, and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Supported by an MTC-funded research project and other partners and orga- nized by the Center for Earthworks Engineering Research at ISU, this event offered 21 presentations and a panel discussion.

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