InTrans Publications and Communications Group

Our Services

  • Document production, print and electronic formats (planning, writing, editing, design, layout, printing oversight, distribution)
  • Writing and editing
  • Copyediting
  • Technical communications for science and engineering
  • Graphic design and illustration, including document design, visual identity systems, animated illustrations, and technical illustrations
  • Communications-based website development
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Communications planning, short and long term

Our Products

  • Articles for journals and professional magazines
  • Technical briefs and technology transfer summaries
  • Newsletters (email, online, and print)
  • Manuals, handbooks, and training materials
  • Conference proceedings
  • Posters and large displays
  • Dynamic, database-driven websites
  • Technical graphics and illustrations
  • Research and grant proposals
  • Research report editing
  • Informational brochures, promotional/recruiting materials
  • Annual reports
  • Communication plans, identity systems

Selection of Our Work

Identity System

Letterhead, business card, website, informational brochures, annual reports

Work: Designed integrated identity system with particular attention to ISU style

Client: InTrans

InTrans Wheel


Art is science made clear (reduced sample, 1.7 mb pdf)

Work: Selected photos and quotations, designed and layed out, coordinated printing; was displayed at 2005 Des Moines Art Festival.

Client: Bridge Engineering Center

Bridge poster

Guides, Handbooks, Manuals

Guide to Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Cement

Work: Substantively edited technical content, designed and layed out, coordinated printing, made 508 compliant

Client: National CP Tech Center

Full-Depth Reclamation cover

Event Publications

Eighth Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium

Work: Designed identity system, develop event website, produce print and electronic event materials

Client: Institute for Transportation and the Iowa Department of Transportation

Screenshot, SCC 2013 conference website

Technology Transfer Summaries, Technical Briefs

List of technology transfer summaries

Work: Write, design and lay out two- to four-page summaries based on completed research

Client: Various InTrans and affiliated researchers

Sample tech transfer summary


Technology News

Work: Write, copyedit, design, and lay out quarterly 12-page newsletter for local transportation agencies

Client: Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program

Technology News cover

InTrans enRoute

Work: Write, copyedit, design, and program regularly updated electronic new service for all InTrans centers and programs

Client: InTrans

InTrans enRoute home page

Website and Web Application Development

Geotechnical Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure

Work: Designed and developed interactive, database-driven web application allowing geotechnical engineering practitioners to narrow down an extensive list of earthworks technologies based on project details

Client: Federal Highway Administration, Strategic Highway Research Program

Aurora program website

Work: Designed and developed database-driven website to publicize research projects and program activities

Client: Aurora program pooled fund study