Research at the Institute for Transportation

InTrans ensures that research will be oriented toward real-world results and applications by structuring its research activities around interdisciplinary and interorganizational teams. InTrans regularly publishes research reports and other products of research such as manuals and handbooks. See the full list of publications.

A synthesis of safety-related research was compiled in 2014–2015 to highlight research that addresses the top safety concerns in Iowa. Information about roadway departures, rural intersections, and rural speed management relevant to Iowa is summarized to help agencies more effectively target specific types of crashes in Iowa.

Research Areas

Research at InTrans focuses on the following:

Earthworks research

Earthworks research

Research Sponsors and Partners

InTrans actively partners with public, private, academic, and professional organizations at the city, county, state, national, and international level. See the list of all InTrans research sponsors.

The principle sponsor of InTrans research is the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Major national-level sponsors include Federal Highway Administration, Innovative Pavement Research Foundation, U.S. DOT's University Transportation Center Program, and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Sorted Project Lists

InTrans project information includes brief descriptions of research, researchers' contact information, a list of sponsors, and links to online reports and related publications. Projects are grouped according to the following listings:

CTRE traffic research

CTRE traffic research

Pooled Fund Research Administered at InTrans

In addition to its sponsored projects, InTrans administers two national-level transportation pooled fund projects that conduct research.

Aurora is an international partnership of public road agencies working to perform joint road weather-related research. Pooled Fund Study Number SPR-3(042)

Research by Centers and Programs


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