Implementation of Transportation Asset Management in Grandview, Missouri

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Start date: 01/01/15
End date: 11/15/16


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About the research

The successful implementation of transportation asset management (TAM) by local governments facilitates the optimization of limited resources. The use of a data-driven TAM program helps to identify and prioritize needs, identify and dedicate resources for the preservation of infrastructure, and provide policy decision makers with the data to support good decisions.

In this project, a TAM program was implemented for the City of Grandview, Missouri. The implementation process included an examination of the current TAM practices, review of TAM software systems, deployment of a TAM system, analysis of existing pavement and service request data, inventory of existing pavement condition, formulation of a pavement preservation plan, and development of a framework for ensuring that the implemented TAM is sustainable.

Pavement preservation plans were developed for both the near term (2016 through 2020) and long term (2021 through 2040). A decision tree methodology was developed and utilized to select specific pavement treatments for the next five years. The long-term analysis assessed the possible impacts of a vote in 2021 to increase the sales tax to fund transportation projects. Recommendations for sustaining the TAM system were provided.

The flexible framework developed in this research can be used by other communities to help local governments maximize limited resources.


Report: Implementation of Transportation Asset Management in Grandview, Missouri (5.01 mb pdf) February 2017

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