Crash Modification Factors for Lane Departure Countermeasures in Kansas

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In progress

Start date: 08/15/15
End date: 12/29/17


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About the research

The majority of fatal crashes in rural areas in the Midwest are lane-departure or run-off-road crashes. According to the Kansas Strategic Highway Safety Plan, lane-departure crashes accounted for 55 percent of all crashes involving fatal and serious injuries and 22 percent of all crashes. The majority of those crashes occurred in rural areas.

With the recent instruction of the Highway Safety Manual, use of crash modification factors (CMFs) has become more popular.  CMFs are frequently used by state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other agencies since they are easy to understand and use. However, more accurate estimation of CMFs for the Midwest has not been fully accomplished. Accordingly, this study is expected to serve as a complimentary project to work at Iowa State University and to develop CMFs for lane-departure countermeasures commonly used in Kansas.


Related publication: Calibrating Highway Safety Manual for Rural Multilane Highways by Considering Fatal and Injury Crashes in Kansas Aug 2015



  • Kansas Department of Transportation
  • Midwest Transportation Center