Implementation Evaluation of the Rustic Road Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System

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Start date: 09/01/15
End date: 10/30/17


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About the research

Deficient small bridges are a significant concern for the nation’s transportation infrastructure, so advancing the implementation of time- and money-saving technology is essential to maintaining a “state of good repair.”

Geosynthetic-reinforced soil-integrated bridge systems (GRS-IBS) technology has the potential to introduce significant time and cost savings on small bridge replacements by removing the need for driven piles. Unfamiliarity with the technical performance and construction operations has impeded implementation.

The goal of this project is to advance the implementation of the technology by evaluating the construction and early service life performance of the Rustic Road GRS-IBS, which was constructed in early 2015, in Boone County, Missouri. This detailed case study was coordinated with the results of a concurrent Midwest Transportation Center effort also focused on advancing implementation of these types of bridge systems.


Report: Advancing Implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS) (8.15 mb pdf) September 2017

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