Synthesis of Iowa Research to Address Rural Safety -- Assessing Applicability of International Safety Countermeasures to Iowa

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Start date: 12/01/12
End date: 10/31/14


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About the research

The objective of this project was to synthesize safety research to address the top rural traffic safety needs in Iowa. The team synthesized available information so that relevant information about about each selected topic is available in an easy to use format for Iowa agencies. The team gathered information from all relevant sources but focused on synthesizing research that has been conducted in Iowa.

The project provides Iowa agencies with a resource (web pages and relevant publications) to address rural safety. The team is coordinating with the Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), the Iowa Highway Research Board, the Iowa Association of Counties, and other groups to explore additional ways to distribute information to local and county agencies.


Report: Synthesis of Safety-Related Research website (NA pdf) March 2015

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  • Federal Highway Administration State Planning and Research Funding
  • Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Iowa LTAP