Construction of New Substructure Beneath Existing Bridges

Project status

In progress

Start date: 01/01/17
End date: 12/31/17


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About the research

The objectives of this project include three main focus areas: 1) documenting, through a literature search and survey, methods (including but not limited to multi-splicing and micro-piles) for constructing new substructures beneath existing bridges; 2) evaluating proven methods in terms of design considerations, constructability, and cost; and 3) documenting the project findings and developing method selection recommendations/guidelines.

This research will result in guidelines and specifications that can be readily used by the Iowa DOT bridge designers and construction engineers as well as other bridge owners, consultants, and contractors, such that appropriate and cost effective construction methods can be identified for efficient and effective construction.



  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Iowa Highway Research Board