A Pilot Study to Investigate the Use of Aggregate Screenings in Roadway Construction

Project status


Start date: 06/01/03
End date: 05/31/05


Principal investigators:

Co-principal investigators:

Student researcher:

  • Tyson Rupnow

About the research

Martin Marietta planned to build a new quarry access road near Cedar Rapids. This provided an excellent opportunity to conduct the proposed pilot testing and research, which included material analysis, design procedures, construction operations, and evaluation of test sections of new flexible pavement supported by two to three different aggregate screening materials as the base. Test sections consisted of untreated and treated screenings and were evaluated for performance over a five-year period.


Related publication: TRB2010 Paper: Investigation of the Use of Limestone Screenings in Roadway Construction Oct 2011


Sponsor(s): Martin Marietta Aggregates