Assessing and Enhancing the Transportation Resilience for the State of Iowa

Project status

In progress

Start date: 02/01/17
End date: 01/31/19


Principal investigator:

Co-principal investigators:

About the research

The ultimate goal of the sequence of phases for this project is to develop a system-level resilience framework that can eventually be used as a tool by Iowa DOT engineers to optimize and prioritize investments while ensuring that the transportation system is capable of absorbing shocks, adapting to changing conditions, and rapidly recovering from disruptions. The team plans to define and validate appropriate procedures that will form the cornerstone of resilience assessment and enhancement strategies customized for Iowa's highway transportation network.

A systematic effort is planned for the following:

  • Define the resilience goals or targets (e.g., functionality level after disruptive events)
  • Understand the system characteristics (e.g., resolution level on the network)
  • Characterize disruption scenarios (e.g., extreme flood, snow storms, maintenance activities)
  • Estimate the consequences (e.g., level of physical loss, traveler delay, economic loss, loss of accessibility)
  • Find optimized solutions for the possible improvements


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Chris isn't named as Co-PI; he's listed as senior personnel for climate models and flood analysis