Development of Materials Training Course for Technicians (TR-416)

Project status


Start date: 01/01/98
End date: 11/30/00


Principal investigators:

About the research

Historically, throughout their careers, state highway agency materials technicians acquired a broad-based understanding and expertise of highway-related materials. In more recent times, with the retirement of more senior technicians and the increasing focus on technician specialization and certification, incoming technicians may have lost the opportunity to gain the broader understanding of materials and to learn from the more senior, experienced staff.

This project developed a ?Highway Materials? course, comprising a series of stand-alone modules of one-and two-day classes and covered the major material types relevant to highway work. This project developed both the instructor and participant packages, presented pilot classroom instruction, and refined the developed instructional materials based upon participant feedback.



  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Iowa Highway Research Board