Cement Changes and Solutions to the Industry

Project status

In progress

Start date: 01/01/16
End date: 12/31/17


Co-principal investigators:

About the research

This is focused on developing a concrete alternative functionally more effective for hydropower facilities. The is to find a mix from a set of combinations of different materials (proposed matrix), which will be capable of reducing shrinkage in concrete. Moreover, basalt fiber reinforcements will be included in the selected sample in order to determine reduction of macro cracks to micro cracks so that water tightness is increased in structures. Another important objective is to look at how sustainable the mix will be in terms of reduction of the carbon footprint into the atmosphere by cement and steel minimization/eradication. The final goal of the project is to make the product as cost effective as possible.


Sponsor(s): Department of Energy

Partner(s): North Dakota State University