Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle, Phase IV

Project status


Start date: 02/01/01
End date: 05/31/02


Principal investigator:

Co-principal investigator:

About the research

The highway concept vehicle is a mobile laboratory that seeks to examine and test newly emerging technologies that have potential for improving the level of service during the winter. The objective of Phase IV included improving the level of service at the least cost to taxpayers and reducing the impact on the environment. This was accomplished by using data and information regarding actual road conditions to facilitate and adjust snow and ice control activities.


Project webpage: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/research/conceptv/index.htm

Report: Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle, Phase IV (3.77MB pdf) June 2002

CTRE en Route: Measuring friction on icy, snowy roadways ( pdf) Feb 2001


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Sprague, Norsemeter, Enator, Monroe Truck, Raven, Aspire,