Traffic Safety Services

InTrans offers significant expertise in traffic safety including training/outreach, service to Iowa agencies, and research. In general, this expertise includes

  • safety data analysis and visualization tools
  • special studies and research
  • planning and design for safe and efficient transportation systems

Safety-related Programs and Services

Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS)

The ITSDS provides timely access to crash data analyses and reports generated by a variety of safety and GIS-based tools. Some of these tools, like Intersection Magic, are off the shelf. Others have been developed by the Iowa DOT and InTrans. Graduate students on staff respons to agencies' requests with information in various data and graphic formats.

Safety Circuit Rider

Iowa's award-winning Safety Circuit Rider program, part of the Local Technical Assistance Program, presents free and low-cost safety workshops to local transportation agencies on request and in their own shops and offices. Work zone safety, flagger training, MUTCD requirements, and roadside safety are all popular workshop topics.


Faculty and staff at InTrans and ISU have conducted research and technology transfer activities in weather-related transportation research for several years. The Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety was formed in 2005.

ITSDS map showing problematic horizontal curves in Iowa
ITSDS map showing problematic horizontal curves in Iowa


Two-flagger work zone with one flagger signaling to another
The Safety Circuit Rider trains people how to set up proper work zones and follow safety procedures.

Safety Data Tools

The Iowa DOT is the lead for the FHWA's National Model for the Statewide Application of Data Collection and Management Technology for crash records. Many safety data-related tools developed by InTrans for the Iowa DOT contribute to the state's effort to collect, share, and integrate data statewide.

Officer Information Manager

The Officer Information Manager technology, a key component of the National Model, automates the completion of driver- and vehicle-related reports by law enforcement officers in the field using pen-based computers.

Incident Location Tool

The incident location tool uses geographic information systems software to provide users with a map-based computer screen for entering crash data. It's one part of a larger data collection and management technology system that approximately 200 Iowa agencies are using to share safety information. The incident location tool was originally developed for the Iowa DOT. The tool has also been adopted by several other states including South Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Delaware, and New York.

Incident Mapping and Analysis Tool (IMAT) and Crash Mapping and Analysis Tool (CMAT)

These tools analyze crashes throughout the state with set criteria. Local agencies use IMAT. CMAT is used to analyze crashes from the statewide crash database.

Accident Location and Analysis Systems (ALAS)

For several years, InTrans has been involved with developing several iterations of location and analysis tools, from PC-ALAS to GIS ALAS and Access ALAS. The Safety Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration (SAVER) tool developed by the Iowa DOT is the final product.

Emergency Response Information System (ERIS)

The ERIS consists of GIS databases of local emergency response agency boundaries and attributes for the state of Iowa. A pilot project involved the emergency management systems and fire districts in 22 counties.


User interface for CTRE's Incident Location Tool
User interface for CTRE's Incident Location Tool

Traffic Safety-related Publications

InTrans' list of traffic safety-related publications includes brochures, practical manuals/handbooks, research reports, and newsletters for safety-related associations.

Safety-related Staff

The following staff members have particular expertise and interest in transportation-related safety outreach or research:

Name Title Email
Hallmark, Shauna Transportation Engineer
Hans, Zach GIS Specialist
Hawkins, Neal Associate Director of Traffic Operations
Albritton, Paul Technical Training Coordinator, LTAP Librarian
Veneziano,David Safety Circuit Rider
Smadi, Omar Pavement Management Specialist