Mar 12

Keep Your Pavements Zipped-Up! Best Practices for Long-Lasting Longitudinal Joints

Event Details

March 12, 2021


This free webinar will begin at 12:00 p.m. (Central Time)


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Event Contact
Keith Knapp
InTrans, Iowa LTAP


Longitudinal joint distress is often a driver in the need to rehabilitate a roadway. This webinar will address causes for the distress along with innovative construction options that can mitigate longitudinal joint distress and repair methods to correct the distress and prolong the need for rehabilitation. The intended audience includes people working in the pavement maintenance, specification development, and construction inspection roles.

Speaker Bio

Mr. Greg Duncan, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. (APTech) with 29 years of pavement materials, construction, and roadway maintenance engineering experience. His work at APTech has focused on highway maintenance, pavement preservation and evaluation for both highways and airfields.

Prior to joining APTech, Mr. Duncan was the Assistant Chief Engineer of Operations for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. During his 22-year career with TDOT, he held other positions as the State Maintenance Engineer, Regional Director for West Tennessee, and the State Bituminous Engineer.

Greg resides in Spokane, Washington where he enjoys traveling, skiing, and explaining southernisms in the Great Pacific Northwest.