Mid-Con 2019 Concurrent Session 1

Wed., Aug. 21, 10:30 a.m. – Noon

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Session & LocationPresentations

Session 1A


Room: North Prairie

Performance-Based Safety Evaluation on a Systemic Level The Wisconsin Story
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Phil Kulis, SRF Consulting Group
Lee Gibbs, SRF Consulting Group
Jeff Knudson, SRF Consulting Group

Naturalistic Study of Farm Equipment and Vehicle Interactions on Iowa's Roadways
Abstract PDF
Cara Hamann, University of Iowa
Michelle Reyes, University of Iowa

Exploring Crash Data with Tableau
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Skylar Knickerbocker, Iowa State University
Zachary Hans, Iowa State University

Session 1B


Room: Meadow

National Road Research Alliance
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Glenn Engstrom, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Incorporating Sustainability and Resiliency at the Iowa Department of Transportation
Tammy Nicholson, Iowa Department of Transportation
Madeline LaPage, Iowa Department of Transportation

Performance Assessment of Multi-Column Piers Subjected to Vehicle Collision
Abstract PDF
Dikshant Saini, Iowa State University
Behrouz Shafei, Iowa State University

Session 1C

Technology – Structures

Room: South Prairie

Influence of Externally Bonded FRP Orientation on Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
Abstract PDF
Mustafa Raheem, Kansas State University
Hayder Rasheed, Kansas State University

Evaluation of Damaged Prestressed Bridge Girders
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Habib Tabatabai, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Azam Nabizadeh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Investigation of Exterior Girder Rotation During Bridge Deck Construction
Abstract PDF
Abhijit Kulkarni, Iowa State University
Behrouz Shafei, Iowa State University
Brent Phares, Iowa State University

Session 1D


Room: Central Prairie

Structural Health Assessment of 3D Simple Reinforced Concrete Bridge Girders Using FE-ANN Procedure
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Eric Fletcher, Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc.
Alaaeldin Abouelleil, AEDA LLC
Hayder Rasheed, Kansas State University

Predicting Temperature Development Within a Mass Concrete Bridge Foundation Using ConcreteWorks
Abstract PDF
Yogiraj Sargam, Iowa State University
Kejin Wang, Iowa State University
Kyle Riding, University of Florida,

InterchangeSE - A Real-Time Multiplayer Network 3D Visualization Framework to Simulate Driving Behavior and Interactions
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Anuj Sharma, Iowa State University
Vijay Kalivarapu, Iowa State University

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