InTrans / Oct 10, 2016

$1 million NSF award to help researchers reduce the impacts of traffic incidents

Anuj Sharma, right with Neal Hawkins

A team led by an Iowa State University Institute for Transportation (inTrans) researcher has been granted a $1 million, three-year National Science Foundation award to develop an improved system to reduce the duration and impacts of  traffic incidents.

Anuj Sharma, an InTrans research scientist and associate professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, said the research project can improve the safety of motorists, crash victims, and emergency responders.

The project is called TIMELI (Traffic Incident Management Enabled by Large-data Innovations). The goal and outcome of TIMELI is to use emerging large-scale data analytics to reduce the number of road incidents through proactive traffic control and to minimize the impact of individual incidents that do occur through early detection, response, and traffic management and control.

Neal Hawkins, associate director of InTrans, is a member of the research team.

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