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Automotive service technician

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Automotive technicians perform a wide variety of preventative maintenance and repair tasks on automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity, and/or alternate fuel, such as ethanol. Using sophisticated testing equipment and a thorough examination of problem areas and parts, technicians diagnose problems, monitor mechanical and electric systems, and repair or replace broken or worn-out parts in order to correct vehicle problems. They also perform basic maintenance services, such as oil changes and tire rotations.


Many automotive shops and car dealerships require their technicians to have completed a two-year automotive technology program. These programs often include core classes such as English, mathematics, and some computer-based training, as well as hands-on training in vehicle repair. Many institutions, such as the Automotive Youth Education Services (AYES), offer technical training to high school students to prepare them for a career before they graduate.

Career Opportunities

The demand for skilled automotive technicians is high and is likely to increase. There are two reasons for this:

the demand for new vehicles with advanced technology has outstripped the number of available skilled automotive technicians, and
there are not enough people getting trained to fill the growing vacant positions of retiring technicians.
Wage: The median hourly wage for an automotive technician is $17.03, or a median annual wage of $35,420.

Links to schools with these programs

There are several automotive technician training programs; however, The Automotive Youth Education Service (AYES), a partnership of automotive manufacturers, dealerships, and training programs, offers classes specifically designed for high school students. Please check its website for further information.


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