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Book stop: NieKo is the newest bridge building robot

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posted on January 30, 2015

Nieko book coverAge range

0-5 years

What to expect

Stuart Nielson begins his story about NieKo, the bridge building robot, by telling readers that there are over 600,000 bridges in the United States. He tells us that NieKo is the perfect robot for building bridges due to his height, heavy weight, and the fact he is powered by the sun. But of course, NieKo cannot build bridges alone. NieKo and his team of bridge builders start by asking the question, “Without bridges, how would you get to school or go to work?” NieKo stands in a river while a car and a school bus have no way of getting across. So then, NieKo and his bridge building team help build a bridge as a solution. NieKo goes through the entire bridge building process. It even shows NieKo taking a break in the sun to recharge, emphasizing the tough work involved in bridge construction. This book is a great depiction of all of the real work that goes into bridge building, and is easy for children to understand. Nieko: The Bridge Building Robot leaves children with this great message: “Bridge builders perform a lot of hard work to make our world more accessible and safe.”

How to get it

NieKo: The Bridge Building Robot is a free downloadable e-book. The author, Stuart Neilson, has kindly made this book available at no cost to users. Go here to download the book for free:

By Jackie Nester, Go! Staff Writer

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