InTrans / Jan 10, 2014

CEER researchers win TRB 2013 Best Paper Award

A paper authored by researchers from InTrans’ Center for Earthworks Engineering and Research (CEER) has been named the 2013 Best Paper by the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Geology and Properties of Earth Materials Section.The award will be presented at the 2014 TRB Annual Meeting.

The paper, “Soil Stiffness Assessment of Stabilized Pavement Foundations,” was presented at the 2013 TRB Annual Meeting, January 13-17, 2013. Authors include CEER director David White, graduate researcher Peter Becker, CEER assistant director Pavana Vennapusa, Iowa DOT operations research engineer Mark Dunn, and CEER Technical Communication Advancement Program coordinator Christianna White.

Data for the project came from the Central Iowa Expo Site in Boone, Iowa, where sixteen 700 ft long test sections were constructed on 4.8 miles of roadway.