InTrans / Oct 31, 2012

Go! introduces students to logistics at Road Less Traveled conference

Rema Nilakanta (Go! Program Coordinator, InTrans) and Dave Cantor (Assistant Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems, ISU College of Business)  introduced  65 middle and high school students to careers in transportation during ISU’s Program for Women in Science and Engineering Fall conference “Taking the Road Less Traveled.”

Rema and Dave held three workshop sessions where students played an interactive SAP supply chain simulation game in which they were required to make pricing and inventory management team-based decisions. Students were also introduced to InTrans’s online magazine Go!, which publishes articles about educational and career opportunities in transportation.

Graduate student Nicole Oneyear of InTrans helped plan and implement the workshop sessions. Three other ISU students also assisted: Natalie Richardson (Industrial Engineering), Leah Escher (Supply Chain), and Mattheus Barros (Industrial Engineering).

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