InTrans / Sep 06, 2016

Go! Magazine releases September issue

Go! Magazine ( is a free, not-for-profit, online magazine that produces articles about the unique, interesting, crazy, awesome, and expanding world of transportation.

Each month, Go! produces a three-part article series with either an interview with a transportation expert, a book or movie review, a blog entry from one of our staff writers, or information about transportation careers. The best part? Our articles are interesting for readers of all ages.

For September, we produced a Go! History article series about the past, present, and future of trains and rail transportation. Where did it all start? How fast can we really go?

Trains: A history
Clearly, trains have changed dramatically since they first took to the rails over 200 years ago. However, like any other mode of transportation, trains, as we know them today, have been centuries in the making! Come with us to find out where it all began. You may be surprised to find out that modern rail transport actually started with horses of all things!

Trains: Today
In with the new and adapt from the old, right? By the mid-20th century, electric and diesel locomotives had almost completely replaced their steam powered predecessors. But today, electric power is the energy source behind most high-speed passenger trains. Check out our analysis of the maglev train, which can reach a top speed of 270 mph!

Trains: The future?
When it comes to trains, their speed and efficiency only seem to increase through time. So then, what’s the next big thing? Here we look at entrepreneur Elon Musk and his innovative vision of the future of rail transportation: the Hyperloop. Learn how two companies are stepping up to the challenge and turning a dream into a reality.

Book stop: The Little Engine that Could
Beloved illustrated children’s book The Little Engine that Could teaches readers about optimism and perseverance in this story about a little blue steam engine. Read our review of this 1930’s classic by Watty Piper.

Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: Pokémon Power“Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: Pokémon Power” is directly related to the Go! Green series posted in May 2016, where readers learn that with great “power” comes great responsibility to the future of transportation! But Dot, our gullible teenager, may have taken it a bit too far this time.