InTrans / Jan 20, 2021

InTrans graduate student receives TRB exceptional paper award

Institute for Transportation (InTrans) graduate student A.M. Tahsin Emtenan recently received an exceptional paper award from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) standing Committee on Traffic Signal Systems.

The paper, “Impact of Turning Lane Storage Length and Turning Proportions on Throughput at Oversaturated Signalized Intersections,” was co-authored with InTrans affiliate researcher Chris Day, whom Emtenan is studying under as part of his graduate work.

The award was presented as part of the 100th Annual Meeting of the TRB, which has been ongoing this month in a virtual format due to the ongoing pandemic.

Emtenan has also recently earned other accolades for another paper he co-authored with Day on detector configurations for automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs). Details on those awards are summarized here.