InTrans / Apr 01, 2020

InTrans has recently issued En Route, its annual report for calendar year 2019

Annual reports are an opportunity to reflect on today’s achievements while also looking to the future.

InTrans Director Shauna Hallmark emphasizes that the steady annual budget of $20 million is evidence of the work of the institute’s researchers and staff and moreover the confidence that state agencies, industry groups, and the federal government have in its ability to deliver new best practices, technologies, and results.

InTrans recently published its annual report for calendar year 2019. The new report can be downloaded in PDF format.

“InTrans has an exceedingly dedicated and brilliant staff, who each year find new ways to strengthen our story—from hosting webinars to mentoring graduate students to simply dedicating even small opportunities to share experiences and breakthroughs,” Hallmark writes in her opening letter in the annual report.

Some of the year’s highlights are included in the report:

  • Milestones of InTrans’ 30th anniversary and the REACTOR Lab’s 5th anniversary
  • Events that spotlight InTrans’ focus areas of safety and outreach
  • Pavement research that centers around sustainability and innovation
  • Student and staff recognition with awards from a variety of organizations
  • The lasting impacts of InTrans’ University Transportation Center grant

When it comes to the numbers, InTrans collaborates with 39 faculty members from the Iowa State University College of Engineering and employs another 83 research scientists, traffic engineers, and professional staff, who are all supported by 134 graduate students.

InTrans was established in 1988 and has grown from a single research grant on highway safety to an Iowa State University institute encompassing the activities and research of 15 centers and programs dealing with all aspects of transportation.