InTrans / Aug 04, 2017

GO! Magazine’s August issue further explores Seven Great Transportation Feats

Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation hosted a National Operations Center of Excellence peer exchange event last week.

The unique two-day exchange brought together about 20 transportation leaders from the Iowa Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and InTrans to have a facilitated discussion about their best practices in operations and systems management.

The NOCoE is a recognized leader in providing services to the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) industry in order to save lives, reduce congestion and enhance economic vitality. The Iowa DOT has been an innovator in the TSMO field and was only the second DOT the NOCoE has met so far.

The meeting will help the center develop a comprehensive picture of how TSMO has been implemented and advanced at Iowa DOT in order to share best practices across the nation.

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