InTrans / Apr 02, 2021

InTrans releases En Route, annual report for 2020 calendar year

COVID-19 changed almost everything about the way the Institute for Transportation (InTrans) does business and presented its share of challenges. However, the pandemic did not stop InTrans staff and faculty affiliates from fulfilling the institute’s mission of saving lives and improving economic vitality through discovery, research innovation, outreach, and the implementation of bold ideas.

“Despite new pandemic challenges, InTrans has continued to deliver on all projects while still actively looking to the future by continuing to participate in collaborative research and proposal development,” said Shauna Hallmark, InTrans Director.

She continued, “The dedication of our researchers and staff and, moreover, the confidence that state agencies, industry groups, and the federal government have in our ability to deliver new best practices, technologies, and results have never changed.”

InTrans recently published its annual report for calendar year 2020 that includes a summary of the work that continued by the institute’s 15 centers and programs as well as the year’s highlights and accomplishments. The new report can be downloaded in PDF format.

One of InTrans’ largest hurdles was the transition to virtual communication. Still, InTrans’ centers and programs organized and held more than 70 virtual events during this unprecedented year. At the same time, staff continued to complete projects and publish the resulting reports and other associated deliverables.

In addition to spotlighting the herculean efforts to continue with events and a list of InTrans publications, the annual report includes the following highlights, among others:

  • InTrans COVID-19-related research and response
  • Faculty and student awards and honors
  • Insights into InTrans by the numbers

“In a year when large groups couldn’t gather, we are thankful for everyone’s dedication to working together, separately,” Hallmark said. “Looking forward, InTrans will continue being resilient and adaptable. Our efforts in 2020 are ongoing, and new projects are on the horizon. There may be more challenges to face and new projects to start, but let us celebrate all that we have achieved so far.”