InTrans / Apr 13, 2022

InTrans releases En Route, annual report for 2021 calendar year

2021 reminded us to expect the unexpected and take satisfaction in meeting face-to-face when we could. Yet, wherever and however the Institute for Transportation (InTrans) staff and students chose to collaborate, their work continued as it always has—by translating research into action.

“This has been another unprecedented year, but InTrans took on the challenge. At the same time, it’s hard to think about progress in terms of years, especially because for many of us there is just so much more to do,” said Shauna Hallmark, InTrans Director.

She added, “We will certainly continue looking forward and envisioning the possibilities. But for now, just for today, let’s celebrate how far we have come.”

InTrans recently published its annual report for calendar year 2021 that includes a summary of the work that continued by the institute’s 15 centers and programs as well as the year’s highlights and accomplishments. The new report can be downloaded in PDF format.

In late spring and early summer, InTrans event organizers held and began planning the first in-person conferences, workshops, and presentations since March 2020. InTrans also joined the Iowa State University campus community in returning to the office in July 2021.

However, InTrans event organizers have not forgotten the impact that virtual events provided. A total of 40 in-person events were held in 2021 with nearly 60 virtual events. In addition, staff members recognized the importance of meeting people where they’re at by providing hybrid options for staff and student collaboration. Their work led to the publication of more than 75 deliverables for InTrans partners in state agencies, industry groups, and the federal government.

In addition to detailing the events held and publications produced in 2021, this year’s annual report includes the following highlights, among others:

  • Major accomplishments in 2021 from the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications program, and the Program for Sustainable Pavement Engineering and Research
  • Awards and honors received by InTrans staff and students
  • Insights into InTrans by the numbers

“In engineering, we often talk about toolboxes of resources that can be mobilized to meet a given challenge. Well, at InTrans some of the best resources we have are our staff. Each year they find new ways to grow as scientists—from collaborating on innovative projects to sharing new perspectives,” Hallmark said. “With their continued development, InTrans also grows.”