InTrans / Jul 07, 2021

Iowa LTAP names Work Zone Safety Sign Package Program winners

Replacement cones that are provided as part of the program package
Work zone cones that are aged and in poor condition are sometimes used by small cities


Small city budgets for this type of work can sometimes lead to diminished funding for temporary traffic control devices and the use of signs, barricades, cones, and vests that are deteriorated and may be out of compliance with the 2009 MUTCD. That is why this Iowa DOT-funded program provides an opportunity for operations personnel from smaller cities in Iowa to improve their work zone safety and setups when conducting routine street maintenance. Participants are from cities with a population of less than 10,000 residents.

The program has grown from 10 applications in 2017, the initial year of the project, to 95 applications in 2020–2021.


A total of 12 cities from across Iowa were chosen as winners, each receiving a package that included $2,500–3,000 worth of signs, vests, and materials. The cities include:

  • Mingo
  • Mitchellville
  • Mondamin
  • Northwood
  • Hopkinton
  • Windsor Heights
  • Lawton
  • West Point
  • Toledo
  • Gowrie
  • Stockport
  • Lenox

“We are so excited to give awards to 12 cities this year. With the ever-growing demands on the roads, streets, and bridges of Iowa, our goal is to make sure cities have everything they need to make their work zones safer,” said Paul Albritton, the Iowa LTAP Technical Training Coordinator and co-organizer of the program.

Each package included the following materials, which were of the correct type and size for lower speed city street work. And all of the devices included high intensity retro-reflective sheeting suitable for nighttime use.

  • One Lane Road Ahead signs
  • Road Work Ahead signs
  • Be Prepared to Stop signs
  • Type III barricades
  • 28 in. traffic cones
  • Class 2 safety vests
  • Sign stands
  • 42 in. channelizers

Maggie Rains, Mayor of the City of Mondamin, Iowa, stated the city’s appreciation in an article published by the Missouri Valley Times:

“Mondamin is very grateful to have been selected to receive this grant from the Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program. The road work signs will help protect road workers and motorists when road repairs are underway and warning of special traffic circumstances.”