InTrans / Jul 13, 2015

Providing one-on-one support is the key to success for concrete overlays

To help state and local agencies update their practices and adopt new technologies regarding constructing concrete overlays, direct one-on-one support is one of the most effective approaches.

And that’s the approach adopted by the National Center for Concrete Pavement Technology (CP Tech Center) at the Institute for Transportation. In cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, the CP Tech Center is helping highway agencies implement a highly effective, time- and money-saving alternative to costly pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction: concrete overlays.

An expert team from the CP Tech Center offers a menu of direct services to help agencies determine if a concrete overlay is a good solution for a specific asphalt or concrete pavement and, if so, implement it successfully. Services may include the following:

  • Site visits with review of evaluation data and design/construction issues such as traffic control criteria and accelerated construction options, then preparation of a detailed report
  • Meetings with agency upper management to discuss potential benefits of concrete overlays and answer specific questions
  • Workshop on concrete overlay best practices focused on the agency’s specific needs
  • Follow-up support before, during, and after construction of the overlay

The payoff is significant:

  • In 2013 and 2014, the CP Tech Center provided these services to nine states, six of which have begun or are planning overlay projects that will cut costs by an average of 64 percent—an expected savings of approximately $114 million.
  • Nationally, construction of concrete overlays (as a percent of total concrete pavement construction) rose from almost zero in 2007 to an average of almost thirteen percent by the end of 2014.

Because of the success of its overlay deployment program, the CP Tech Center is adopting a similar approach for helping agencies deploy other major concrete paving innovations.

For more information contact Dale Harrington, Snyder & Associates, Inc., CP Tech Center outreach coordinator,

This aritcle is part of the CTRE EnRoute 2014 Year-at-a-Glance series.  Download the full document (.pdf).