Daniel Betts


GIS Coordinator, CTRE





GIS Coordinator, Center for Transportation Research and Education


InTrans, CTRE

About Daniel

Mr. Betts is a GIS Coordinator for the Center for Transportation Research and Education, working as a liaison in support of better utilization of GIS across CTRE and the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Traffic Management Center.
Prior to coming to Iowa State University, Mr. Betts worked in geospatial technologies and remote sensing image analysis for the last 15 years as a consultant for federal and state governments, as well as some of the largest private sector corporations and utilities in the world in support of GIS projects and services.

He has studied and worked with some of the best and brightest at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States Geological Survey, United States Department of Defense, as well as IBM in the private sector. Additionally, he has worked on projects with and for the Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, and North Carolina DOTs.

However, his best use of GIS by far was when he was working in support of the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and United States Department of Defense during disasters and emergency response efforts.


  • Post MS/Pre PhD Studies, Drake University and Iowa State University, 2000 & 2003–2004  
  • MS, Geological Science, University of Colorado, 1998 
  • BS, Geography and Earth Science, Drake University, 1994 

Professional Experience

  • Betts Geospatial Corp, Baton Rouge, LA, 2002–2017. Working with the Red Cross (Louisiana Flood DR 063-17 and Hurricane Matthew DR 120-17) doing logistics and planning in disaster assessment using Survey123 and RC View by ESRI to bring cutting edge, location-based tools and planning to disaster assessment and relief efforts. Working both in the field and at HQ in Baton Rouge to bring the latest in ESRI Mobile Mapping and GIS CLOUD mapping programs into practice. 
    • Senior GIS Enterprise Analyst, Project Management and Business Analyst/Project Lead, with over 10 years of experience working with ESRI, ENVI, ERDAS, and all ArcSERVER/PORTAL/SDE, and Enterprise GIS Solutions 
    • Working in ArcGIS Network Analyst for route optimization and ArcGIS Portal in support of the latest RCView and Survey123 beta release 
    • Maximo ArcFM and ESRI ArcGIS SERVER integration and project lead for nine state utility mergers for IBM Maximo EAM and MAXIMO SPATIAL GIS integration  
    • ESRI Arc SERVER thru 10.4 and WEB APP BUILDER, along with previous FLEX API and Silverlight API, for the ArcGIS SERVER 
    • Senior imaging analysis using ERDAS, ESRI’s Geography Network concepts, ArcView Image Analyst, and ENVI Project Management 
    • Emergency response and management skills used during Katrina and Rita for Red Cross, FEMA, and other agencies at federal, state, and local levels 
    • FEMA Regional Field Office work in Austin, Texas, in support of Wildfire Mapping and Logistics (TX NM OK) and Katrina and Rita displaced persons assistance/mapping and demographic analysis 
    • Apache and Tomcat server structure with CITRIX, SQL, Windows IIS, ArcGIS Server configuration and client 
    • Customizing IMS, SERVER, and SDE with Oracle Spatial 9i and 10g 
    • IMS and SDE (Oracle and ORACLE Spatial 9i, 10g and 11g, INFORMIX, and SQL) work experience, and ESRI certification. 
    • Bentley Microstation, Projectwise, and Bentley Map V8i, Autodesk, FME, working GE Smallworld
    • Expertise in remote sensing, image analysis, geography, GIS, GPS, in addition to geologic studies in mining and contamination, mineral exploration, vegetative mapping technologies, DOT applications/networks, cartography, gas utility design/PM, emergency MGT, land cover mapping 
    • UTILITY and Systems and Network Analyst  

Technical Experience

  • Core Competencies: ESRI ArcGIS 10.4 SDE IMS SERVER, Business Analyst, Image Analysis, IBM MAXIMO Spatial, CITIRX, SQL, IIS Servers, SDE (SQL, Oracle, Informix), Visual Studio, JAVA, HTML, XML, AXL, VB and VBA, Apache Server 1.3-2.05, Enterprise Solutions and Development, Project Management, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine (Multi Sensor Fusion), Bentley V8i Map, GE Smallworld, Microstation and Projectwise
  • Development Environments: ESRI Engine (ArcObjects), ESRI Server (Bentley SDK with Java, Python, and VB), VB.NET (through VS 2005 R2) , SDE API, Oracle with SQL, PL-SQL, OEM, UML, XML, HTML, JavaScript, EDN, Adobe Flex, JavaScript API, and previous work with AVENUE
  • Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE, Servers NT/2000/Active Directory/2003. IIS, Apache, SQL, UNIX, MAC
  • Software: ESRI, ERDAS, ENVI, GE Smallworld, USGS TetraCorder, MS Word, ACCESS, EXCELL, Oracle Spatial OEM, Bentley Microstation, CAD, Autodesk, Intergraph , PCI, MAXIMO

Selected Research Projects

  • Jan to May 2016: GAS UTILITY IT GIS MAXIMO: Spatial role for SJI, working in support of the ESRI ArcGIS SDE SERVER with IBM MAXIMO 7.5 and GeoWorx Sync middleware. Daily support of errors and solutions for Post GO LIVE. Heavy network and systems knowledge and technical troubleshooting of root cause analysis of this GAS UTILITY location based intelligence system. Prepared and presented tracking and traceability project and business analysis and planning for submittal for funding.
  • October to December 2015: Washington Gas Utility Risk Analysis and Asset Tracking projects:
    Architecture and BA roles to bring two gas utility mapping programs into compliance with PHMSA requirements for tracking assets and mapping risk and pipeline maintenance into compliance.
    Created workflow and technical and business analysis and planning for the letting of contracts and bid analysis. GE Small World and ESRI interoperability and Middleware ardhitecture and Design.
  • May to October 2015: NC DOT SR GIS GeoDB LEAD Asset Management System integration and optimization. Import and configuration of LRS and financial elements and business areas using ESRI ArcSDE and Custom AGILE ASSET SOFTWARE and NETWORK MGR, with some Business Analyst assistance.  
  • July to December 2014: IDAHO DOT Transportation Asset Management System integration and optimization. Import and configuration of LRS and Financial elements and business areas, using ESRI ArcSDE and Custom AGILE ASSET SOFTWARE and NETWORK MGR, ESRI 10.2, and also provided LRS integration with Roads and Highways extension.