Meysam Najimi


Postdoctoral Research Associate, InTrans






About Meysam

Dr. Najimi, a postdoctoral research associate at Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation and former postdoctoral research associate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), received his doctorate from UNLV in 2016. He has conducted research in the field of concrete technology since 2005. He did several projects during his research career on the transport and durability properties of concrete, self-consolidating concrete, and alkali-activated binders. During this time, he presented his research in several conferences and also published a book chapter, and 36 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He has served as an active reviewer for more than 15 journals.

His research interests include the transport and durability of concrete, supplementary cementitious materials, alkali activated binders, self-consolidating concrete, concrete microstructure, high-performance concrete, and modeling concrete properties.


  • PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2016 
  • MS, Civil Engineering, Faculty of Building and Housing, 2006 
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, 2004 

Selected Research Activities

  • Current position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2017–present), Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University
    • Development of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete (2017–present)
    • Mitigating Early-Age Shrinkage and Cracking of Ultra High Performance Concrete (2017–present)
    • Assessment and Enhancement of Type K Shrinkage Compensating Cement Concrete (2017–present)
    • Use of Phase Change Materials to Improve Heat Capacity and Frost Resistance of Concrete Structures (2017–present)
    • Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Accelerated Bridge Construction (2017–present)
  • Previous position: PhD Research Assistant (2011–2017), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, University of Nevada, Las Vegas  
    • Surface Resistivity for Concrete Quality Assurance (2016–2017)
    • Development of Novel, Sustainable and Cost-Effective Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor (2016–2017)
    • High Early-Strength High-Performance Concrete for Rapid Pavement Repair (2015–2017)
  • Mechanical, Transport and Durability Properties of Self-Consolidating Concretes Containing Natural Pozzolan and Fly Ash (2014–2015)
    • Assessment of Nano-Silica Contained Mortars and Concretes under Sulfate Attack (2013–2015)
    • Alkali-Activation of Fly Ash and Natural Pozzolan for Precast Concrete (2013–2015)
    • Alkali-Activated Natural Pozzolan/Slag Concrete for Cast in Place Members (2012–2016)
    • Modeling Durability and Transport Properties of Concrete (2012–2014)
    • Transport Properties of Self-Consolidating Concretes Containing Limestone Powder (2011–2013)
  • Transport Properties of Self-Consolidating Concretes Containing Nano-Silica (2011–2013) Previous position: Research Assistant, Head of Concrete Lab (2005–2011), Concrete Technology Department, Building and Housing Research Center (BHRC), Tehran, Iran 
    • Application of Natural Zeolite in Concrete as Supplementary Cementitious Materials, in cooperation with Construction Materials Institute–University of Tehran (2010–2011)
    • Use of Copper Slag Waste as Supplementary Cementing Materials (2009–2011)
    • Electrochemical Impedance Behavior of Silica Fume Contained Concretes (2009–2011)
    • Improving Quality of Ready-Mixed Concrete Batching Plants (2009–2011)
    • Application of Natural Pozzolans as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (2007–2011)
    • Implementation of Nano-Silica in Concrete (2008–2009)
    • Improving Durability of Sewage Concrete Pipes, in cooperation with TU Berlin (2006–2008)

Selected Publications

  • Dopko, M., Najimi, M., Shafei, B., Taylor, P., and Phares, B. 2018. Flexural performance evaluation of fiber reinforced concrete incorporating multiple macro-synthetic fibers. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, January 7–11.
  • Ghafoori, N., Najimi, M., and Maler, M. 2017. High-early-strength high-performance concrete for rapid pavement repair. Safety and Operations of Large-Area Rural/Urban Intermodal Systems (SOLARIS) Consortium, University of Nevada–Reno, Reno, NV.
  • Ghafoori, N., Batilov, I., and Najimi, M. 2017. Blaine and C3A effects on the sulfate resistance of nanosilica and microsilica contained mortars. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, accepted for publication.
  • Ghafoori, N., Spitek, R., and Najimi, M. 2017. Transport properties of limestone contained self-consolidating concrete. ACI Materials Journal, Vol. 114, pp. 527–536.
  • Ghafoori, N., Batilov, I., and Najimi, M. 2017. Influence of dispersion methods on sulfate resistance of nanosilica contained mortars. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol. 29.
  • Ghafoori, N., Najimi, M., and Radke B. 2016. Natural Pozzolan- based geopolymers for sustainable construction. Environmental Earth Sciences, DOI: 10.1007/s12665-016-5898-5.
  • Ghafoori, N., Batilov, I., and Najimi, M. 2016. Sulfate resistance of nanosilica and microsilica contained mortars. ACI Materials Journals, Vol. 113, pp. 459–469.
  • Ghafoori, N., Najimi, M., and Sobhani J. 2015. Modeling abrasion resistance of self-consolidating concrete. Magazine of Concrete Research, Vol. 67, No. 17, pp. 938–953.
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  • Najimi, M., Sobhani, J., Ahmadi B., and Shekarchi, M. 2012. An experimental study on durability properties of concrete containing zeolite as a highly reactive natural pozzolanConstruction and Building Materials, Vol. 35, pp. 1023–1033.
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