InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Analysis, design, rating, and drafting of wood bridge superstructures

A program for engineering wood bridges is described.
The program performs the analysis, design, and/or
rating of wood bridge superstructures in accordance
with the 15th Edition of the AASHTO Specification or
the AASHTO-LRFD Specification. Bridges may be
analyzed for design review and/or rating. In
review/rating mode, the superstructure is analyzed and
checked against all applicable specifications. In the
design mode, minimal user input, such as span length,
roadway width, bridge type, and materials are entered
and the program reviews designs and issues details
associated with standard plan sets. The appropriate
design-specific information is included in a DXF
format for inclusion into the final drawings. A
Microsoft Windows-based user interface is used for the
data definition. The data is passed to another module
for engineering computations. The associated
documentation is contained in both on-line and hard
copy formats. The most commonly used bridge and
deck systems are accommodated in either U.S.
customary or SI units.