InTrans / Nov 14, 1998

Design and Construction of the Pochuck Quagmire Bridge – A Suspension Timber Bridge

This publication provides practical, cost-effective design and construction guidelines for a timber pedestrian suspension bridge. It presents basic engineering design criteria and construction tips as well as material, machinery, and peoplepower costs and needs. This information can be used as a general planning tool by anyone wishing to construct a suspension bridge. However, consultation with a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) with expertise in these structures is needed before undertaking such a project.

Suspension bridges, like the Pochuck Quagmire Bridge (PQB), provide a solution to long-span crossings. Plans and photography of it and other pedestrian suspension bridges are
featured throughout this publication. The materials used to build this 146-foot-long bridge cost $36,000. It was constructed by a unique volunteer-driven, public-private partnership between the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and the Appalachian Trail Conference. The Pochuck Quagmire Bridge is located on the Appalachian Trail in Vernon Valley, New Jersey, and is a vital link in the Appalachian Trail.