InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Development of Cost-Effective Timber Bridge Repair Techniques for Minnesota

Currently, neither national nor Minnesota sources of guidance for the repair of timber bridges exist. At the same time Minnesota County engineers have recognized several types of timber bridges that are in need of repair and maintenance; this represents a major concern. The approach proposed here is to identify the state-of-the-practice of timber bridge repair through national and international search and to marry those repair techniques with the needs of Minnesota county engineers. The efficacy of those techniques will then be evaluated from both engineering and fiscal perspectives. Through a multi-pronged approach, the most viable techniques will be communicated to engineers through a coordinated outreach effort. With the approach proposed here, the research team believes that useful and timely information can be put into the hands of those most in need. Further, the research team feels confident that the format and technical breadth will improve bridge safety while being fiscally responsible.