InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Directory of Wood-Framed Building Deconstruction and Reused Building Materials Companies

This is a directory of companies involved in wood-framed building deconstruction, dismantling and reused building materials, with an emphasis on those that use, resell, and/or
re-manufacture salvaged wood. Companies in this directory range in scope from those that carryout targeted building removals, such as historic barns, strictly for the purpose of
harvesting the antique wood in these buildings, to companies that conduct residential and commercial demolition where the primary goal is building removal, and the recovery of
materials is conducted opportunistically as a by-product. The bulk of companies listed are those that either salvage or sell building materials. For ease of use, the directory lists companies two ways, alphabetically by state and then alphabetically by company type, and alphabetically by company type and then alphabetically by state.

Keywords: deconstruction, used building materials, lumber, recycling, salvage, building dismantling, building removal, building demolition, architectural salvage