InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Glued-laminated timber panels for bridge deck replacement

Research was conducted to evaluate the viability of
using Oklahoma timber species in glued-laminated
panel designs for bridge deck replacement. Panels
were fabricated from southern pine, red oak, and
cottonwood. Laboratory tests were conducted to
determine the mechanical properties of panels
fabricated from the three different species and
allowable spans were computed based on test results.
Panels were installed on seven in-service bridges
ranging in width from 4.82 to 6.89 m (15.8 to 22.6 ft),
and in length from 9.5 to 37.2 m (31 to 122 ft).
Advantages of timber panels relative to other decking
materials include reduction in out-of-service time, easy
installation, reduced dead loads, increased resistance to
road chemicals, and a wider tolerance to weather
conditions during installation.