InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Integrated efficacy evaluation of new preservatives in alternative wood species

Through an integrated laboratory and field testing program,
the durability of a variety of wood species, when treated with emerging preservatives, is being evaluated. Results from this testing program will provide a broad database on the potential of alternative wood species to be treated with different preservatives. It is well recognized that inorganic waterborne preservatives do not protect hardwoods as well as they protect softwoods, but the degree of difference has not been quantified. The relationships between accelerated laboratory tests and
actual field performance have also not been quantitatively
defined. ‰Û÷Therefore, a series of linked, laboratory and field evaluations has been initiated that should provide the opportunity to judge the merits of different experimental approaches to predict the ultimate field performance potential of new wood species by preservative combinations. This information will contribute to increasing the opportunities available for utilizing regional forest resources in U.S. transportation structures and strengthening the international trade of durable wood products. This paper presents an overview of the ongoing experimentation and the current status of this integrated research program