InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

McCurdy Road stress-laminated timber bridge: A viable option for short-span design

The McCurdy Road bridge is a 4.9-m- (16-ft-) long
and 7.9-m- (26-ft-) wide single-span, stress-laminated
deck superstructure, pressure treated with ammonical
copper quat (ACQ) preservative. The bridge was
constructed in June 1995 as the most economical
replacement structure when compared with several
alternative short-span designs. Results of this case
study indicate that a stress-laminated timber bridge is a
structurally and economically viable option for 3.1- to
6.1-m (10- to 20-ft) crossings. Future stress-laminated
timber bridges in Richland County will be improved
by utilizing lessons learned from the design,
construction, and performance monitoring of the
McCurdy Road bridge.