InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Recycling Municipal Trees: A Guide for Marketing Sawlogs from Street Tree Removals in Municipalities

The purpose of this guide is to make offficals of municipalities aware of an alternative strategy which can potentially turn a cost-burden scenario into an income-generating opportunity. The strategy invovles merchandising sawmill-size logs from street tree removals to sawmill or other companies that have unique uses for street tree logs. The process includes:

1. Indentifying one or more sawmills in your area that may be interested in purchasing your material,
2. Learning what their sawlog requirements are and deciding whether your street logs fit these requirements,
3. Locating and removing metal and other foreign material in the logs,
4. Storing sawlogs unitl a salable quantity is accumulated, and
5. Being flexible and persistent enough to try this concept.

Recycling municipal trees by converting street tree rermovals to valuable sawlogs could potentially generate income as well as reduce the amount of time and labor costs invovled in processing this material into firewood.