InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bridges on Secondary Highways and Local Roads

The results are presented of a 2-phase study which collates information (from several sources) that will be useful to engineers who are not necessarily specialized in all relevant areas of structural engineering. The study reviewed repair and rehabilitation procedures, newly developed replacement systems, and other successful bridge operations that have been used and maybe of use to engineers responsible for maintenance of bridges on secondary highways and local roads. This report discusses in detail the following topics: evaluation, repair and replacement of bridge decks; repair of accidental damage; repair of fatigue damage in steel members; New York Thruway Deck Replacement System; method used for replacement of the deck on the George Washington Bridge; scour at bridge sites; selected retrofit procedures designed to prevent seismic damage; and replacement systems–innovative concepts for the use of prefabricated bridges and bridge components; short-span segmental construction; field-connected beams; single and multiple culverts of aluminum, concrete and steel; modular construction.