InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Standard designs for hardwood glued-laminated highway bridges

Standard plans and specifications for hardwood glued laminated highway bridges have been developed and
published. The plans are based on recent research to
identify laminating processes, resin systems, structural
properties of efficient beam cross sections, and
preservative treatment processes. The results of these
efforts are summarized. The standard plans are based
upon nationally recognized allowable strength design
methodologies and are for HS-25 or IML-80 loads. The
standard plans, which are for northern red oak, red
maple, and yellow poplar bridges, include details for
design and construction of highway bridge superstructures and substructures The standard plans and specifications are being revised. The status of efforts to incorporate design efficiencies suggested by ongoing research and to convert the standard plans to a load resistance factor design basis are also presented.