InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Structural Engineering World Wide 1998

SEWC ’98 is the first international congress to cover all aspects of structural engineering from technical to professional practice issues. The world is fast becoming one large community in engineering as well as in all other professions and structural engineers are involved in the design of all types of facilities in most countries around the world. Therefore, there is a vital need for engineers to understand the various cultures and governmental/environmental requirements in other countries so that safe, economical structures can be designed and built. This congress presented an excellent opportunity to learn more about what is happening now and what will happen in structural engineering throughout the world in the 21st century.

Professional and Practice Issues. National and international requirements in structural engineering. Project planning and execution. Professional development and education. Management of the practice and the firm. Risk management in structural engineering. General, cultural and social issues.
Technical Papers. World wide developments in structural engineering. Analysis and computation I. Analysis & computation II (SEI ASCE 13th conference on analysis and computation). Concrete and masonry I. Concrete & Masonry II (SEI ASCE 2nd concrete & masonry symposium). Steel structures. Bridges I. Bridges II. Buildings I. Buildings II. Shell and spatial structures. Structural control/monitoring. Earthquake engineering I. Earthquake engineering II. Reliability/performance. Timber structures. Advanced composite or innovative materials/structures. Wind engineering. Special structures.