InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Waterproofing of Concrete Bridge Decks: Site Practice and Failures

This report describes practices currently used for installing, repairing and renewing waterproofing systems for concrete bridge decks and relates these practices to inservice failures. The investigation was based on survey data, reports from users, laboratory tests, field trials and observations. Failure was defined as inadequacies with the waterproofing system which led to water and chlorides penetrating the concrete or which caused the surfacing placed over the membrane to debond or break up. Poor waterproofing integrity was related to many factors: site procedure, workmanship, weather, installation conditions, asphalt application temperatures, adhesive properties, and the performance of the membrane itself. Complex structural detailing, the type and condition of the deck concrete, the composition and compaction of the surfacing and traffic loading were also important contributory factors. Many waterproofing systems certified for use on roads and bridges failed to maintain waterproofing integrity in-service.