Resumes for the Institute for Transportation

NS543: The Impact of Deferred Maintenance in Minnesota

Principal Investigator: Omar Smadi
       Other Personnel: Ahmad Alhasan
Başak Aldemir Bektaş

NS562: Assessing Pavement Markings for Automated Vehicle Readiness

Principal Investigator: Shauna Hallmark
       Other Personnel: David Veneziano
Theresa Litteral

NS563: Evaluation of Fatigue on Snow Plow Drivers and Evaluation of Aids to Assist Drivers in Recognizing and Dealing with Fatigue

Principal Investigator: Junxing Zheng
       Other Personnel: Vern Schaefer
Zlatan Krizan

NS565: Best Practices for Winter Maintenance for Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility

Principal Investigator: John Shaw
Other Personnel: Guillermo Basulto-Elias

NS567: Evaluation of Road Weather Messages on DMS Based on Roadside Pavement Sensors

Principal Investigator: Skylar Knickerbocker
       Other Personnel: Zachary Hans

NS569: Impact of Vehicle Speeds and Roadway Context on Pedestrian Safety

Principal Investigator: John Shaw
       Other Personnel: Shauna Hallmark
Nicole Oneyear
Guillermo Basulto-Elias

NS572: Have Minnesota’s Warmer Winters Increased the Number of Freeze Thaw Cycles?

Principal Investigator: Halil Ceylan
       Other Personnel: Sunghwan Kim
In-Ho Cho
Daniel Rajewski
Eugene S. Takle

NS574: Taconite as a Lower Cost Alternative High Friction Surface Treatment to Calcined Bauxite for Low Volume Local Roads in Minnesota

Principal Investigator: Kejin Wang
Other Personnel: Chris Williams

NS581: Outcome Evaluation Metrics Related to Equity that Include Both Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Principal Investigator: Jing Dong
       Other Personnel: John Shaw

NS582: Transverse Rumble Strips at Rural Intersections

Principal Investigator: Shauna Hallmark
       Other Personnel: Hossein Naraghi
David Veneziano
Nicole Oneyear

NS584: Compaction Optimization Moisture Performance Test

Principal Investigator: Junxing Zheng
       Other Personnel: Cassandra J. Rutherford
Vern Schaefer

NS597: Asphalt Film Thickness vs. a Chip Seal at One Year – B/C Analysis

Principal Investigator: Ashley Buss
       Other Personnel: Charles Jahren
Junxing Zheng

NS598: Asphalt vs Concrete – How to Select a Surface Type?

Principal Investigator: Ashley Buss
       Other Personnel: Peter Taylor
Ilker Karaca