A test of a cutting-edge structural health monitoring system for the Iowa Falls Arch Bridge generated usable performance data.

The Asphalt Materials and Pavements Program generates knowledge leading to improved quality and performance, economical and sustainable asphalt materials and pavements. Above, Professor Chris Williams at the ISU Bio-Polymer Processing Facility, which can produce asphalt binder for testing in industrial applications.

The Roadway Infrastructure Management and Operations Systems program develops practical tools for viewing, understanding and making decisions for asset quality and performance.

Developing innovative ways to construct and preserve the transportation infrastructure

The Institute for Transportation develops innovative methods to construct and preserve America’s roads, bridges, and other all-important forms of infrastructure. InTrans researchers seek novel tools and methods to increase safety and reliability, enhance mobility, and lower life cycle costs. They work to improve asset management technologies, accelerate repairs, utilize improved materials, and ensure durability and performance. At the same time, InTrans personnel implement sound environmental and economic practices as they address infrastructure challenges.