Research Impact Videos

InTrans develops and implements methods, materials, and technologies for improving transportation efficiency, safety, and reliability. This ongoing series of brief videos highlight just a few of the innovative research projects at InTrans.

CP Tech Center Director Peter Taylor talks about efforts to help agencies and contractors improve roads and streets through better concrete mixture proportioning.

CWIMS director Zach Hans gives an overview of the Non-Motorist Crash tool developed by InTrans to provide an interactive experience with crash data in Iowa.

InTrans research scientist and REACTOR co-leader Anuj Sharma explains various research projects related to autonomous (self-driving) vehicles.

Skylar Knickerbocker, a research engineer at InTrans, explains research on traffic incident management.

InTrans transportation engineer Jing Dong describes a smart system for improving truck parking at rest areas.

InTrans research engineer Hossein Naraghi provides an overview of a salt dashboard being developed to help manage salt supplies for application to highways and roads in the winter.