Mobility, Data Analytics, and Resiliency

Researchers develop ways to evaluate a roadway system’s vulnerability to extreme weather to enhance traffic mobility and protect infrastructure. Keven Arrowsmith photo.

InTrans investigators study work zones, dynamic messaging, median cable barriers and much more to keep Interstate traffic moving safely and efficiently.

InTrans engineers are helping the Iowa DOT by taking large data sets, analyzing them and finding ways to support improved traffic mobility decision-making

Keeping vehicles moving efficiently and safely

The Institute for Transportation is committed to keeping traffic moving, from urban freeways to rural roads. InTrans investigators analyze travel time and develop tools and measures to ensure efficient and safe mobility. They study resilience measures to extreme weather events, investigate autonomous vehicle systems, and analyze streams of traffic “big data” to support improved mobility decision-making. InTrans leads a partnership of transportation agencies in developing and deploying innovative road weather information systems. These efforts enhance traffic operations and improve resource allocations.