Research Impact

Impact shows how research improves transportation.

The Institute for Transportation is dedicated to sharing new research knowledge with decision makers to implement new transportation findings. Research impact statements are brief publications describing how InTrans innovations can positively impact safety, asset management, mobility and other key transportation areas. Impact statements are created for broad distribution among technical and nontechnical audiences.

InTrans researchers are studying ways to slow traffic, increase safety in rural small towns

Rural communities don't often have the resources necessary to address slowing high-speed through traffic. However, researchers at the Midwest Transportation Center (MTC) at Iowa State University have examined several methods of traffic calming in the hopes of making these communities' roads safer.

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A new bridge structural health monitoring system can provide immediate and easily accessible data

The Bridge Engineering Center (BEC) at Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation and the Iowa Department of Transportation, are getting closer to making their continuous, real time, and autonomous bridge structural health monitoring system ready for mainstream use.

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Research, outreach have led to more use of Safety Edge to reduce drop-off crashes

Iowa rural two-lane highways are safer today because of research and mar­keting by the Midwest Transportation (MTC) at Iowa State University on a roadway design feature called the Safety Edge, a low cost countermeasure to roadway departures.

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